Ready mix concrete

Ready mix concrete

            Chockchai Concrete Construction, a subsidiary of Chokchai Group, distributes ready mix concrete, mixed concrete and concrete products such as gutter, curbstone, manhole and drain pipe (reinforced concrete).The ready mix concrete available for services uses 100% authentic cement, full cubic meter and no mixed ash and coal. The company provide services in Phuket area.
            Chockchai Concrete Construction also received a certificate from Trachang cement for using Portland Type 1 cement of Trachang as a raw material for the production of concrete products with TIS 15 volume 1-2547.
            ( Portland Type 1 cement is suitable for structural construction that requires high strength such as building, house, road, highway, stadium and airport. In addition, it is also suitable for concrete products such as foundation, pillar, beam and floor. )

Service Rate for Ready Mix Concrete (100% Authentic Concrete, Full Cubic Meter)

Product Size Price/cubic (cash) Price/1-7 Days Price/8-15 Days Price/16-30 Days
A1807.5±2.5 cm1,800.001,850.001,950.002,050.00
A2107.5±2.5 cm1,850.001,900.002,000.002,100.00
A2407.5±2.5 cm1,900.001,950.002,050.002,150.00
A2807.5±2.5 cm2,000.002,050.002,100.002,200.00
A3207.5±2.5 cm2,100.002,200.002,250.002,350.00
A3507.5±2.5 cm2,200.002,350.002,400.002,500.00
A3807.5±2.5 cm2,300.002,500.002,550.002,650.00
AP38010±2.5 cm2,400.002,650.002,700.002,800.00
A4007.5±2.5 cm2,500.002,750.002,800.002,950.00

- The company reserves the right customer don't have Application line, because it will be have problem about
                                           contact between company and customer.

- The company reserves product price maybe change increase or decrease, because customer can change package
                                           price within a period of requesting credit. It will notify via application line customer's

- ราคา H2 (4 m³)     = 300 บาท / คิว

- ราคา H3 (3.5 m³)  = 400 บาท / คิว

- ราคา H4 (3 m³)     = 500 บาท / คิว

- ราคา H5 (2.5 m³)  = 700 บาท / คิว

** ระยะทางไกล บวกเพิ่ม 300 บาทต่อเที่ยว (ราไวย์,ใสยวน,กะตะ,กะรน,ในหาน)

For more information contact Logistics Department at 081-536-2274,
Mr. Anuwat at 081-537-6535 , Miss.Manissara 081-4768428